That Distinctive ‘90s Style is Back

Incorporate older trends into your modern wardrobe.

What’s the 411 on ‘90s style? Well, fashion repeats itself, and the youthful era of grunge, skaters and hip-hop is having a grown-up revival. (Don’t worry—you won’t be seeing cargo shorts, hyper color fabric and “Button Your Fly” T-shirts.) Instead, the best of minimalist silhouettes and edgy-meets-feminine styles are reemerging. Remember your style icons from Reality Bites, Clueless, Mall Rats and Friends? You can incorporate these distinctive ‘90s trends into your oh-so-modern wardrobe—without going too far. Skeptical? Trust us, it’s going to be the bomb.

Fresh threads from top to bottom

They’ve already gone from every runway to every boutique in town—crop tops may have even triggered the ‘90s comeback. But the 2016 version isn’t about baring it all. Pair form-fitting crop tops with high-waisted knee length skirts for a sophisticated, barely-there peek of midriff. Feminine favorites like the skater dress also deserve a grown-up upgrade. Opt for pretty floral prints and pair them with loose, flowy hairstyles. Slip into denim overalls over a clean white top—but for the love of 2016, please keep both straps fastened. And, of course, revisit the quintessential grunge uniform: flannel and Doc Martens. Keep it modern with neat, clean hairstyles and delicate gold necklaces. Finally, cap off any outfit with a smartly tailored denim jacket or leather motorcycle jacket.

Accessorize in fly style

Plastic butterfly clips, cutesy mini-backpacks, and itchy hemp jewelry are not on the list of ‘90s comeback trends. What is? Start with bandanas. Rather than folding a cotton handkerchief in half to tie around your head, wrap a pretty paisley scarf around a low bun and let the ends hang loosely for a boho-chic look.

For jewelry, try simple silver hoop earrings in any size. Originally from the 1790s, chokers are back, too. Pair the ubiquitous black velvet choker of the mid-‘90s with a delicate metallic choker for a modern, layered look, or opt for leather choker that ties in a bow in the front. Round sunglasses are hot, although slightly larger frames are more in style now. And believe it or not, even scrunchies have been rediscovered. Choose a simple solid-colored scrunchie to accessorize a high ponytail or messy bun. Style yourself wisely, and these trends that defined the ‘90s will help you redefine your summer 2016 look.

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