High-tech meeting

High-Tech Events and Conferences

New tools to help your next conference run smoother.

December 2016

Nothing takes the place of face-to-face interaction, but next-level audience engagement tools can enhance it or offer innovate alternatives. The new wave of smart conferencing is high-tech—and for attendees, high-engagement.

Give the speaker your divided attention

Yes, that’s right—rather than expecting attendees to tuck mobile phones away during webinars or panels, presenters are accustomed to seeing a sea of faces switching their attention between the big stage and the small screen. The new expectation, in fact, is that you be able to use your phone as a tool to enhance your experience. Second-screen technology apps let presenters project their slides to attendees’ mobile devices in real-time, allowing users to zoom in to images, record notes, save data and more. It also encourages interactive engagement with features like polls, message centers and chat rooms. Instead of becoming a distraction, the smartphone becomes an integral part of participant-to-speaker and participant-to-participant engagement. Some large-scale conferences may even invite users to rely on popular social media apps (like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope) to connect with event-goers, promote new ideas and live-stream experiences.

The (virtual) registration booth

Waiting in line for registration materials, updated schedules, information packets and convention maps will soon be a thing of the past. Event registration apps, such as RegOnline, allow conference attendees to process payments, receive alerts and connect with other users. Geofencing is a GPS-based technology that creates a virtual “fence” around conference spaces and live-tracks attendees’ movements. From the perspective of event-goers, geofencing fosters networking, communication and good old-fashioned mingling. For meeting planners, this data helps with real-life analytics, letting them see where and how attendees are spending their time.

Smart spaces

Conference-goers’ expectations have expanded far beyond complimentary water bottles, corporate lanyard keychains and free Wi-Fi. The most attractive conference spaces are offering features like wireless charging stations or even furniture with built-in charging panels. And don’t be surprised if you see drones overhead. This surprisingly affordable technology can be used for mapping out venue spaces and capturing creative overhead photography and videography. Connectivity and innovation (and even flying cameras) are changing the modern meeting space.