Smart Jewelry—With Style

Accessorize without missing a beat.

December 2015

Your holiday wish list just got sparklier—and smarter. Glittering necklaces, glam bracelets and chic rings now come with smart technology. Here are our picks for the most desirable gifts of the season.  

Ring, ring

You know it’s rude to keep your iPhone on the table at a restaurant. But if you’re expecting an important call, what option do you have? Enter RINGLY. Slip a gorgeous gem on your ringer, and tuck your phone away. Your ring will light up and vibrate when an important call or message comes through.

RINGLY comes in stunning colors like delicate pink chalcedony and deep blue lapis, and an app links it to your smartphone. Pre-select which contacts’ calls and messages are most important, like your babysitter and your boss. If one of them calls or sends a text, your ring will subtly alert you.

Sun smarts

Physicians and beauty experts alike agree that too much sun is bad for your skin. But how much is too much? If only there was a way to measure your sun exposure. Yup, that’s right: Your jewelry can do it for you.

JUNE by Netatmo is a virtual beauty coach who has made it her job to keep your skin beautiful, young and free of sun damage. Here’s how it works: Fasten a trendy wrap-band adorned with a metallic geometric gem to your wrist. The gem—which comes in gunmetal, gold and platinum—is designed with ultraviolet sensors that accurately measure how many damaging rays are hitting your skin. The accompanying app sends you automatic alerts to tell you when to apply SPF, which number to use and when you’ve reached your maximum dose of sun. Rain-, splash- and sweat-resistant, JUNE can be a lifesaver at the pool or the beach.

Fitness meets fashion

Introducing the ultimate accessory for ladies who love their Fitbit but can’t quite get on board with the casual silicone band. Tory Burch for Fitbit has created sophisticated styles that pair perfectly with your Fitbit wristlet.

Remove your Fitbit tracker from the silicon wristband and slip it into a Tory pendant or bracelet. The pendants come in silver, gold and rose, and the bracelets come in a dozen different color and style combinations, like woven silver leather, rose-gold hinged and pale pink double-wrap leather, all embellished with a signature Tory logo. These sleek pieces let you track your fitness—without compromising your style.

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