Smart Luggage

The newest suitcases aim to make your next trip more seamless.

October 2016

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart appliances. What’s next? Smart luggage. Location tracking, device chargers, built-in scales and even digital check-in capabilities are just some of the features of the latest and greatest wired suitcases. Invest in one of these models to make some of the inconveniences of travel a thing of the past.

Planet Traveler

Planet Traveler’s Space Case combines style, function and technology. Its features include a hands-free digital self-scale, a power bank for charging devices and a Bluetooth speakerphone. Global tracking allows you to identify the location of your luggage—even when the airline can’t—and a biometric scan fingerprint lock keeps your belongings secure and safe. The carry-on can be preordered for $750, the 29-inch for $950 or the set for $1,660. The Space Case comes in silver and three different finishes of black.


The brainchild of two former Warby Parker executives, Away is the luggage brand that will make business travel feel more like a pleasure trip. At $225 for the carry-on, $275 for the medium and $295 for the large (or $695 for all three), these pieces offer some of the best prices in the smart suitcase market. The Away suitcase can charge anything powered by a USB cord, and it comes with a unique compression system that allows you to pack (or even overpack) everything for your trip. It’s offered in seven colors and, best of all, you can have your monogram hand-painted on each piece.


Between its digital technology and smooth, sleek design, Raden’s suitcase line feels downright futuristic. Features include a charging station, an integrated self-weighing mechanism, destination weather reports and TSA waiting times. Buy the A22 Carry for $295, the A28 Check for $395 or the A50 Set for $595. They come in navy and black, but if you want your suitcase to stand out in the carousel, choose from pastel shades of pink, blue and purple.


So modern it’s carried in the MoMA store and hailed as “the iPhone of luggage” by the BBC, Bluesmart began with the Bluesmart One, a hard-body carry-on with a battery charger, a location tracker, a digital scale and even a remote lock, allowing you to secure the suitcase from afar via Bluesmart’s mobile app. The front compartment is perfect for storing devices like laptops and tablets for easy access at security. The Bluesmart One retails for $449; the Black Edition ($599) incorporates the same technology with luxed-up materials, including a sleek Class A Makrolon body and a reinforced nylon front compartment.


Ditch the adhesive paper in favor of RIMOWA’s built-in smart luggage tag. Your smartphone links to your suitcase, where an exterior screen displays your digital data. Best of all, you can check in your luggage from your home or hotel, then simply drop it off at the airport. RIMOWA’s digital check-in currently only works for Lufthansa Airlines, but it’s already testing with other major airlines, including United. RIMOWA suitcases come in an extensive range of shapes and sizes; the electronic tag is an add-on available for the Onyx, Salsa, Topas, Bossa Nova and Limbo product lines. Price upon request; for more information visit